Chelsis Financial

Many business owners spend years learning how to run and grow a business, yet fail to plan how and when to sell and exit. The cost can be significant leaving owners unable to capitalize on their most valuable asset, the business, and squandering years of hard work.

Planning, preparation, finding a qualified buyer, negotiating the best price, dealing with accountants, attorneys, concerned staff and avoiding potential traps - issues that require careful attention, are all examined in our engagements with business owners. 

Leading To A Successful Exit Event

Strategic Guidance

Chelsis Financial provides strategic guidance for motivated business owners and professionals that have a passion for building enterprise value. Whether planning to exit now or ten years from now, Clients count on us for insights that help unlock potential value in their business or professional practice. Clients realize up to 71% more value for added borrowing power, to create an environment for strategic interest or help fund future retirement. Why not get every penny you can?

Two Decades of Experience