Chelsis Financial

Be Competitive

Renew Your Vision

Ideas For You

  • Why you are in business and what difference will it make?  
  • Does it really matter what your business could be worth someday?
  • What would you have to change to make your business even more attractive to customers, banks, family or strategic relationships?
  • What are the hidden assets that would make your business irresistible?
  • Are there any silent killers that could derail your current strategies?

Business Strategy

Timely suggestions and thought-provoking ideas for adding value in your business or professional practice. 

Our mission is to help business owners and professionals become even more competitive. Based on two decades of experience, we work with Clients to:

  • Access best technology to track employee satisfaction.
  • Improve employee retention.
  • Reduce Concentration.
  • Improve Cash flow.
  • Reduce Working Capital requirement.
  • Define potential recurring revenue models.
  • Differentiate the business from competitors to improve market-share.
  • Develope strategies to track Customer Satisfaction.
  • Reduce owner time-burden by helping key employees prosper independently.